Why does your old faucet leaks after replacing the Washers 

A common problem with old faucet home repair is that most people never replaced the seats. The seat is normally a brass or chrome fitting that is inside the body of the faucet valve. This is where the washer presses again to stop the water from entering the faucet. If the washer is new and the seat has damage then the stem washer can’t make a good seal. To remove the seat you will need a special tool called a seat wrench.  The seat wrench is a common plumbing tool that can be found in any local hardware store.  Once the stems are removed insert the seat wrench into the shower valve housing. Rotate it counter clockwise.  Some force will be required unscrew the seat from the faucet housing.  This also applies to old style shower valves. Replace the seat and Stem, wa-la you’re done.Image