What should you do if you Garbage Disposal Hums! 

This is a strong indication that your Garbage disposal is jammed. More and likely there is an object preventing the disposal grinding disk from turning.Garbage Disposal Slot Grbage Disposal WrenchMost Garbage disposal come with a jam wrench. (Waste King Garbage disposal doesn’t have this feature!) This is basically a funny looking Allen wrench. In the bottom-center of the disposal you will find a hex opening were the Allen wrench fits into. If you don’t have the disposal Allen wrenches any Allen wrench will work as long as it fits into the slot properly. When the Allen wrench is inserted in the slot it is very important that you DO NOT turn the disposal on. This wrench will turn with the disposal grinding disk and can cause serious harm. Turn the disposal wrench left to right attempting to free the object. You may have to use some force to break the object free. Once the object is free remove it from the inside of the disposal and flush the disposal by filling the sink and draining it while the disposal is on. If all fails call us.