Trenchless water line service in San Jose (408) 849-6883 

  • We offer a new technology now offered to our San Jose residents. Our most recent project took place in San Jose. This project went well with no complications.

Trenchless water line replacement is a method of replacing an old water pipe with a new poly-pipe of the same or larger inner diameter. Two holes are excavated in areas of minimum damage (Lawn or Dirt). A trenchless tool is used to bore a hole from one hole to the other. The max length between holes is 45ft. A poly-pipe is then pulled through and the final connection is made.

NO damage to landscaping *
NO damage to concrete areas*
Guarantee of no future leaks
Stability to withstand subtle ground movement
A great savings over traditional methods of pipe replacement
Most jobs are warranted for Life.
Minim Lawn Removal

Do you want a water supply piping system that doesn’t corrode or develop pinhole leaks, is chlorine-resistant, scale-resistant, and has fewer fittings, connections, and elbows than rigid plastic and metallic pipe? Then you need to explore the use of Polyethylene Pipe.